Taking the time to understand your needs

At HB&O Financial Services we follow our five-step method. We get to know and understand our clients, building a healthy long lasting relationship that allows us analyse their personal circumstances, existing financial situations, their tolerance to investment risk and your important personal goals and needs.

We help them to identify how much more they can afford to spend. We also evaluate how much they might be able to pass on to their family or good causes without running the risk of running out of money.

We then use our new found knowledge about you, combined with many years of specialist experience to start planning your financial freedom and begin implementing your personalised financial strategy.

Over a period of time we help you to move ever closer to your goals, both financial and personal. As part of our process we carry out regular reviews to help you stay on track with your personalised financial strategy — updating any changing needs or circumstances.

  1. Getting to know each other

    • We get together to understand what you want to achieve from your financial arrangements
    • We explain exactly how our services and charges work
    • We build a complete picture of:
    – your personal circumstances
    – your existing financial situation and arrangements
    – your needs and goals
    – your tolerance to investment risk

  2. Planning your financial future

    • We analyse your needs in detail
    • We research and evaluate a comprehensive range of financial products and services
    • We build a recommended strategy to help you move from where you are now to where you would like to be in the future

  3. Finalising your strategy

    • We make our recommendations and talk everything through with you
    • Once you fully understand all aspects of what is involved, we finalise your strategy

  4. Implementing your financial strategy

    Now it’s time to put your strategy in place, including helping you to complete relevant applications and ensuring you receive the correct documentation

  5. Monitor and review

    As part of our wealth management service we offer regular reviews to help your arrangements keep pace with your changing needs and circumstances. As appropriate, we will suggest any adjustments, taking into account financial market conditions and recent legislation

    The trust of the people we work with is crucial to us, so we encourage our clients to discuss our advice and ask questions at every stage.